“Nora has been a wonderful resource and inspiration for me over the past year. Without her vast knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm, my journey to improved health and well being by eating a more natural and raw based diet would not have been as enjoyable or meaningful. Anyone who is dedicated to learning and taking their health and life to a new level of understanding will certainly benefit from having Nora be a part of their journey. Making the choice to take your health into your own hands is the first step. Having someone like Nora there to answer questions and guide you in the right direction enables you to stick with your health plan and to know you are on the right track to long-term health and wellness.”
Karleen P., Redmond, Washington

“Nora has been more than a mentor to me, she has been a good friend. It was through her guidance that I have come to understand the mistakes I was making as I was attempting to transition to a raw diet. If I hadn’t met her, I’d still be making those same mistakes and suffering the consequences. Doing cleanses, taking supplements, eating fractionated “superfoods” and juicing are all hyped as ways to “speed up” the healing and cleansing that are required after a lifetime of abusive living, but in reality they only slow it down. I now realize that I’m doing the best I can for my body, and I am enjoying the incredible benefits (Please see my before/after story at shazzie.com). Without Nora’s help, it might have taken me years to get to a place where I can say that. Anyone who wants to do things the right way, the best way, would be well-served to enlist Nora’s help.”
Andrea H., Seattle, Washington

“Our bodies have the phenomenal ability of self-repair, but only if we set for them the proper conditions to do so. Very few people really understand the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes that must take place in order for our bodies to undergo this self-repair. Nora Lenz however is one of the few who really ‘gets’ it. Nora practices what she preaches. Natural hygiene principles are the key to optimum health and she truly follows nature’s laws. Read her story, take a look at her before and after photos and simply ask yourself, “Do I want to look and feel this good too?” You can’t help but say YES! The free time Nora devotes to helping out on my raw food and natural hygiene message boards has been of help to many. If you are seeking out guidance, coaching or counseling in the fields of raw foodism or natural hygiene I can’t recommend Nora highly enough.”
Shelly Keck-Borsits, author, “Dying to Get Well”

“I have only just begun my journey to health but I am excited about where I am headed. My huge step in the right direction to health came just a few months ago while doing some research for a friend who has cancer. I knew there were more natural ways to treat cancer other than chemo, surgery, and radiation and set to work trying to find them. What I found was more incredible than I ever imagined. I was looking for answers for my friend and ended up finding answers for myself also. In my research I came across a website that spoke about an all raw vegan diet. Also on this website were lots of testimonials which I enjoyed reading. I was especially drawn to the testimonial of Nora Lenz. She spoke about something called Natural Hygiene. I had never heard of this before but had heard some of the same principles from listening to tapes by Dr. Joel Robbins. Everything she said had so much truth to it and made so much sense. I was fascinated by her story and knew that I wanted to learn more about Natural Hygiene and a raw food diet. I wanted to experience what she had found. I contacted her for some recommendations for books that I could read to learn more, but she has given me so much more than just that. She has given me coaching, support and the information I needed to begin my own transition to a raw vegan diet. When I realized that this was the answer to health that I was looking for, I became committed to making changes no matter what the cost. I would not accept anything less because I was tired of feeling bad and knew the road I was currently on was only leading me toward something worse than I was already experiencing, like maybe cancer, which I was very afraid of. I was ready to make changes and I wanted someone to tell me exactly what I needed to do and how to do it. This is exactly what Nora did and continues to do for me. She patiently answers my many questions with factual, straightforward answers. She is an inspiration and I am very grateful to her for pointing me in the right direction. I am also grateful to her for sharing her knowledge and for all of her support. My search is over but my journey is just beginning. I know that the road ahead will not be easy. I have a lot to learn as well as unlearn. I also have many challenges to overcome. I continue to cook meals for my family, so I am around the smells and temptations of cooked food all the time, at home and work. I also do all of the grocery shopping which is not easy. My husband understands why I am doing what I am doing but he is not joining me. I hope that he will see the positive changes in me and one day decide to make changes himself, for his own health. The decision I have made is not easy but I now know that I am the only one that can get me well. I have taken responsibility for my own health even though that has meant leaving the comfort of familiar things behind and venturing out into the unknown. It is very scary but I know that I am headed in the right direction. Nothing has ever felt more right to me. I also know that with the support of Nora and other experienced raw fooders who follow the principles of Natural Hygiene, I am not alone. I look forward to all that this journey has to offer.
Tanya B., St. Peters, Missouri

“I’ve been researching a lifestyle of eating living-raw foods for quite a while now. I’ve read a lot conflicting information and it was becoming a bit overwhelming. I was first introduced to Nora when I read her story on another website (I believe it was Shazzie.com) and I emailed her to tell her how much her story spoke to me. One of the things that really stuck out was when she stated (and I’m paraphrasing here) that she knew something was wrong and had to change when her VEGAN friends were getting sick with the same illnesses and diseases as those who still eat animal products do. That was a while ago; but we were brought back in touch with one another and she has just been an absolute GEM! I mean she is a wealth of information and knowledge. The things Nora has advised me on all make perfect sense when you really take the time to ponder and examine them. Some things you don’t even have to examine, just take at face value because it makes that much sense from the get-go. Nora has helped me immensely with setting and shooting for my goal of perfect health!”
Cherie K.

“Nora has been such an incredible help to me, I would have been lost without her knowledge, patience and understanding. She has taught me

so much and made everything so clear to me for which I am forever grateful. There is so much confusion and different and conflicting viewpoints in the nutrition/lifestyle world that I was floundering hopelessly. The clarity and advice that I received from Nora has been priceless. I realize now that I was making so many mistakes and now with Nora’s expertise I am getting the fantastic results that I always wanted and a true and deep understanding of how to achieve vibrant health. I encourage anyone changing their lifestyle habits to get the support they need and deserve – it is so valuable.”
Vanessa C.