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A 36-CD teaching series with participating audience

From the time he discovered it, TC Fry made it his personal mandate to spread the truth about health and disease. Thousands were persuaded by his passion and enthusiasm to change their lifestyles and enjoy the fruits of superb health. His prolific legacy includes a recently re-discovered set of professionally recorded lectures and conversations produced in the mid 80s, wherein TC talks to and takes questions from a group of people including resistant conventional ‘health’ professionals, long-term hygienists and people just beginning their investigation into natural health.

A perfect accompaniment to the Life Science course, these CDs offer not only in-depth insights about health and natural hygiene from one of the great pioneers of the modern health movement, but also glimpses into the evolution of his personal and unconventional health education, his motives for becoming healthy, details of his lifestyle before and after his discovery of natural hygiene, his family and even his philosophies on child rearing. Altogether these CDs comprise 30 listening hours of simple yet profoundly meaningful explanations and information in TC Fry’s very own voice, and feature valuable contributions from noteworthy audience members and co-presenters like Art Baker, Eric Christianson, Marty Fry, Storm Talifero and David McGee.

If you found the Life Science course valuable and instructive, you will love listening to these same principles discussed and explained by TC Fry himself in his uniquely simple, unpretentious and revealing manner.



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The Master Health Series is a set of 24 CDs (45 minutes each) and is intended as an audio complement to the Life Science Course, but can be used on its own. Below are the titles of each CD.

(Text of original label): “These CDs cover a broad spectrum of health topics of great interest to the lay person as well as the professional of today. Designed to help you avoid the pitfalls that trip up most people, all of the sessions are hosted by health professionals with many years of experience, and a participating audience to draw upon them for the information necessary to overcome the most common health problems. You’ll find these sessions both entertaining and educational. A must for anyone interested in reaching and maintaining a high state of health.”

THE HEALTH FORMULA (Part I and II): Introducing a 100% tested and proven natural health system

THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH FORMULA (Part I and II): The elements that build a long, happy and rewarding life

SUPER FOODS THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE (Part I and II): Here’s how to determine for yourself Mother Nature’s diet for you

OVERCOMING AILMENTS AND STAYING FREE OF THEM (Part I and II): Presenting the one universal remedy that works miracles for everyone

HOW TO PURIFY YOUR BODY AND BECOME SICKNESS- FREE (Part I and II): Modes of body purification

THE MAGIC OF THE RAW FOOD DIET (Part I and II): Pristine practices that create a relative state of super health

HOW TO L OSE WEIGHT RAPIDLY, SAFELY, N ATU RALLY AND PERMANENTLY (Part I and II): Principles of weight loss and weight gain

THE EASY WAY TO CONQUER HEART PROBLEMS (Part I and II): The causes of cardiovascular problems and a program you can use to reverse the condition

OVERCOMING DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS (Part I and II): Solutions that enable you to overcome most problems within 24 hours

THE ALLERGY PANACEA (Part I and II): How to end sniffles, swellings, watery eyes, and the stopped up nose syndrome

CANCER (Part I and II): The $50 billion yearly racket that kills 400,000 people annually

DIABETES (Part I and II): How to beat the deadly insulin game



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The Personal Excellence Series is a set of 12 CDs (60 minutes each) and goes beyond diet and exercise to include discussions about related topics like stopping bad habits, attaining mental excellence, setting goals and achieving self-mastery.

(Text of original label) “This program will stimulate and inspire you to expand your horizons, to broaden your outlook and to achieve your full potential. You’ll learn, grow and become more enriched as your search for personal excellence is enhanced with this CD series…”

  1. Guidelines for Achieving Personal Excellence
  2. Attitudinal Re-orientation: A prerequisite for realizing high level excellence
  3. Developing your disposition
  4. Building superb health: A foundation for personal excellence
  5. Achieving physical excellence
  6. Achieving mental excellence
  7. Upgrading your performance and competency levels
  8. Creating high energy levels
  9. How to break energy-draining, disease-causing, performance-impairing habits
  10. Setting goals, establishing priorities, and time management
  11. Developing communication skills for social and economic excellence
  12. Developing self-mastery, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-sufficiency and self-esteem

Both sets (total of 36 CDs), if purchased together: $289

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