Photo Gallery

Photographic comparisons of this kind are cliché because they’ve been used so much to sell weight loss programs. What you see here goes far beyond weight loss, however. The improvements in my appearance are not the only changes that have taken place, nor even the most important ones. The person you see in the “after” photos is an entirely different individual, with the full complement of human qualities that we should all retain throughout our lives — emotional balance, mental acuity, abundant energy, vitality and exuberance for life which all spring from a fully functioning physical body.


Age 31: The genesis of my health evolution. I had been vegan for about a year. Teaching aerobics 5-6 times a week couldn't keep all those whole grains from turning to fat.
Age 41: Although I thought I was doing everything possible to be healthy, I still wasn't enjoying superior heatlh. My dog was raw, but I hadn't clued in yet.
One month before going raw, I got to meet my favorite TV star, "Eddie" of Frasier. At age 44, I was still oblivious to the idea that I didn't have to put up with physical, emotional and mental changes that everyone attributes to "aging" ...


Age 47: These photos were taken in July 2004, my 44th month of being 100% raw. My exercise regimen now consists of walking for an hour everyday and 15 minutes of stretching and/or cardio a couple times a week. (I “retired” from teaching aerobics in November of 2002.) All those strenuous workouts didn’t give me the toned, youthful body I wanted — not to mention all the other mental, emotional and physical benefits I’m enjoying. Only a radical shift in the way I ate could do that.