If you’re looking for ways to become a healthier, more vital and confident person, a transition to a raw food diet is essential.

You may have thought that discovering raw food was the answer to all your questions about how to become truly healthy. However, if you’ve done any reading at all on the subject, you will no doubt have noticed that the raw world is filled with confusing and conflicting information. When there are so many different opinions, philosophies and approaches, it can be difficult to choose a path to follow.

The primary mission of RawSchool.com is to provide guidance and support for people wanting to transition to a raw food diet. Although many factors contribute to our level of health, a raw, biologically-appropriate diet holds the most potential for return in terms of health improvement and recovery from disease. However, it can also present us with the greatest challenges because it requires us to make major changes to our physical, mental, emotional and social habits.

There are strategies that can be employed to deal with these challenges. People ARE successfully implementing the principles of optimal health into their everyday lifestyles. But we might as well face the unfortunate reality: they are extremely rare. We’re unlikely to encounter one among the people we normally interact with on a daily basis. If we want to have someone we can model a new healthy lifestyle after, we have to take the trouble to seek them out.

If you’re just starting to make dietary changes, the right kind of information and direction can lay the foundation for a successful transition. A personal mentor can answer questions specific to your situation and can help you tailor a transition plan that fits your circumstances and lifestyle.

“Nora has been more than a mentor to me, she has been a good friend. It was through her guidance that I have come to understand the mistakes I was making as I was attempting to transition to a raw diet. If I hadn’t met her, I’d still be making those same mistakes and suffering the consequences… Anyone who wants to do things the right way, the best way, would be well-served to enlist Nora’s help.”
– Andrea H.
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Even intermediate or long-term raw fooders can benefit from the guidance of a qualified coach. If you are not experiencing the level of health you desire after months or even years of commitment to a raw diet, we can help you identify where you might be making mistakes and offer strategies for correcting them. Skin problems, retaining excess weight, chronic pain and “allergic” reactions, among various other symptoms, are common among raw fooders who make the mistake of thinking all they have to do to be optimally healthy is eat food that has not been cooked. On-going symptoms are not necessarily an unavoidable part of “detox”. In the short term, symptoms are signs that healing is taking place. However, if they persist they can also be signs that you’re not giving your body your full cooperation. The first step in correcting this is to educate yourself about how to give your body what it needs, and only what it needs. It is very common for raw fooders to spend the first year and beyond vacillating between the various approaches and styles of raw eating, experimenting, feeling uncertain whether they’re doing things ‘correctly’, entertaining fears of “deficiency” and giving in to emotional and social pressures to eat “normally”.

The knowledge and confidence that can be gained from having an experienced advisor can allow a person to persevere through those moments of doubt without making compromises. Compromise is sometimes necessary, but it can be emotionally, psychologically and physiologically costly. These decisions should be taken seriously and should always be made with a full awareness of the potential consequences.

Healthful living is a skill and an art that takes many years to master. No matter what stage you’re at in the process, the right kind of guidance and information can bring about important turning points in your personal health evolution. If your goal is optimal health via a 100% raw vegan lifestyle, click here to find out how RawSchool.com can help!

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Nora Lenz
Founder, RawSchool