20-page excerpt from the book “Neohygiene”

by Dan Hall

 Do bacteria cause disease? Do viruses?

What if I told you that they didn’t? Does HIV cause AIDS? Do immunizations prevent disease? Does anthrax, Ebola, E. Coli, the Hanta virus, smallpox, influenza, the West Nile virus, or any other so-called deadly pathogen cause sickness or pose any deadly threat whatsoever? What if I said the answers to all of these questions was no? What if I were to tell you that no matter how many sick people you come in contact with, you can’t catch disease? Am I insane? Crazy? Nuts? The truth is, we’ve all been duped into believing a theory-the germ theory of disease-that just isn’t true. We’ve all been tricked since birth into embracing the idea that when we are around someone who is sick, we can also become sick, regardless of how healthy we are at the time. Call it what you will-brainwashing, hypnosis, or whatever-this trickery runs so deep until we never notice all the times when we are around sick people and we don’t catch their illnesses. We only remember the times when contagion appears to occur, and this only strengthens our belief in disease transmission. This belief, of course, is not true. We have been convinced of the existence of vampires and ghosts, and now, more than any other time in history, we must open our eyes and stop embracing the lies we are being told.

Scientists since the late 1800s, including Louis Pasteur, have all been part of a rather disorganized conspiracy to convince the public that the true cause of disease is pesky germs. Of course, there was no real conspiracy. Medical practitioners have also duped themselves into believing these deceptions just as much as they’ve duped us into believing their irrational propaganda. The germ theory of disease came on the heels of the Middle Ages when people believed that demons and evil spirits caused all diseases, so it wasn’t that big of a transition to go from demons to microscopic bacteria. The belief in viruses came later, but they don’t cause disease, either. Wait a minute! Am I saying that Ebola, HIV, and other viruses don’t cause disease? Am I saying that anthrax, pneumonia, and other diseases are not caused by bacteria? The answer to both questions is a resounding yes! Viruses and bacteria cause disease about as much as trees cause the wind to blow. It might look like this is the case, and that’s why scientists have duped themselves into believing such a fallacy, but in truth, health is caused by healthy living. I can’t transmit my bad health any more than I can transmit my good health. It’s easy to blame germs, but what we should be doing is blaming ourselves when we get sick. We’re responsible, and that’s something a lot of people just don’t want to hear.

I know what I’ve said so far is pretty hard to swallow. After all, you’ve believed all of your life that diseases are caused by bacteria and viruses. You’ve believed that the common cold is contagious, that the flu can only be prevented by vaccination, and that Ebola, AIDS, anthrax, and other dreaded diseases are highly lethal and to be avoided at all costs. But you’ve been tricked into believing all of these myths by a medical establishment that has been built upon the shaky foundation of the germ theory of disease. Combine this with the fact that the business of medicine is just that-a business, and a rather large and profitable one, to say the least-there’s no mystery as to how an entire establishment of medical practitioners could fall prey to the same deceptions they have used to deceive us into believing in their scare tactics and lies.

It wasn’t that long ago that a guy by the name of Louis Pasteur convinced an entire nation-and eventually, the entire world-to believe in his germ theory. Most people think of Pasteur as the guy who invented pasteurization, but he was responsible for so much more. Men like Pasteur, Edward Jenner, and Robert Koch are among those responsible for the perpetuation of both the germ theory of disease and the theory of immunization-two ideas that have set the foundation for the vast majority of today’s medical establishment. With so much resting on the backs of these two outdated theories, it is interesting to note that they are rarely tested under strict scientific scrutiny; instead, they are oftentimes believed to be true without question, making the belief in the medical model more a religion than a science. What’s worse, the germ theory of disease as well as the theory of immunization are both outdated, erroneous, and unnecessary in today’s world. Both ideas were even questioned and opposed at their inception, but dissention fell on deaf ears. The truth is quite the opposite from all you have ever learned, and slowly but surely, the truth is making itself known-truths such as the AIDS hoax, the lie of childhood immunization, and most importantly, the myth of contagion.

In case you’re wondering, I am not a medical doctor, nor do I insult myself by claiming to be one. My advice comes from years of experience and knowledge, but no claims are made that this advice is based upon so-called clear medical evidence as would be embodied in the writings of a person with a medical degree or license. I do not claim to be an authority on curative medicine, but as you will soon realize, prevention is the key to health; however, there are times when you should visit your doctor. As aforementioned, if you have a medical emergency, you are encouraged to consult a physician.

Many years ago, I was like most people in America: overweight, unhealthy, and completely ignorant of how to live disease-free. I had a grandfather who died of lung cancer, a mother who developed chronic fatigue syndrome and diabetes, a grandmother with emphysema and arthritis, an alcoholic father, and numerous other family members and friends with a variety of health problems. When I would develop cold or flu symptoms, they would last for weeks at a time, and no matter which medicines I took or doctors I visited, my wellness was on a steady decline. I suffered from severe stomach cramps, had canker sores on a regular basis, and it was very rare for me to go a single day without mild aches and pains throughout my body. When I sought the help of doctors, they rarely did anything but medicate, medicate, medicate. Sometimes, I was given prescription medications from relatives who were just too lazy to take me to the doctor. My health waned because of these so-called standard medical procedures. Unfortunately for me, this type of health is what most people consider typical. Most people expect to be in ill health, and they fully believe that whatever their doctor tells them, it has to be true! What I now consider to be poor health is actually considered normal health by the medical establishment, because with the current medical model being based upon the germ theory of disease, medical practitioners must assume that if only germs cause illnesses, then illnesses can only be cured by medical means and rarely prevented. This type of thinking has duped our entire mainstream world into adhering to ideas that have put our collective and individual health in jeopardy. We go through life fearing bacteria and viruses-things we cannot see-and we trust the opinions of people we do not know without ever questioning what they have told us to believe. We strictly adhere to the idea that the symptoms of disease mean that there is something wrong with the body, and we are quick to go to the doctor or pharmacist to get medications to relieve our symptoms without ever wondering what caused the symptoms in the first place.

Did you know that over 100,000 people each year die of properly-used prescription medications? But because the media, the medical establishment, and most people are under the impression that prescription medications are both good and necessary, we rarely hear of these deaths. Regardless, adverse reactions to prescription medications are high, but instead of hearing about these deaths on the nightly news, we hear about anthrax, the West Nile virus, and other such diseases that take as many as a whopping few dozen lives per year! More people die each year of fluoride poisoning from drinking tap water! More people die each year from routine vaccinations! But we don’t hear about these deaths. They aren’t sensational enough, not to mention the fact that if we were privy to such information, many medical industries would fail in their attempts to medicate the entire globe. And that’s not good for business. You might think you’re in good hands with your friendly neighborhood physician, but what you have probably never realized is that the sole purpose of the medical establishment is medicine! It would be called the preventive establishment if its purpose was to prevent disease, but medicine, by its very design, is curative, not preventive. You take medications to relieve symptoms. With the exception of the occasional routine check-up, doctors rarely see patients before they are sick, and what’s sad is that when they do, the patients are often sent home with a clean bill of physical health and a mental diagnosis of being a hypochondriac! We have been taught to go to doctors when we’re sick. We have been taught that sickness is caused by germs; therefore, prevention doesn’t matter.

Health is a product of healthy living, something the medical elite rarely tells anyone. It’s not that doctors and other practitioners aren’t aware of the keys to healthy living; they are merely tied to the belief that no matter how healthy you are, pathogenic germs such as Ebola, E. Coli, HIV, anthrax, and others can and will cause damage if not treated with drugs and other pharmaceuticals. In fact, nutrition is often overlooked in medical school, usually being offered only as an elective. Medical school students are far more fascinated with how to cure the body than they are with how to prevent disease.

In today’s world, disease prevention has actually become synonymous with wiping out disease, and this remains a curative approach. The simple truth is that most medical practitioners have been duped into believing the same mistruths they dupe us into believing, all because the majority of the medical establishment-or medical theocracy-is founded upon a vicious lie known as the germ theory of disease. The belief that disease transmission or contagion actually occurs has practically destroyed our sense of healthy living. Simply put, we are so convinced that sickness is caused by germs in our environment, most of us fail to take the necessary steps to live healthy lives. If germs cause disease, then what’s the point? Let’s just go ahead and drink, smoke, use drugs, eat foods we shouldn’t eat, and-for all intents and purposes-destroy our bodies from the inside out. After all, we’re going to die anyway. Right? Right? Maybe not …

For over a hundred years, the world has believed in a medical model that just isn’t true. Sadly, this model has caused more illnesses than could ever be blamed on so-called pathogenic germs. Let’s take childhood vaccinations for starters. If there was a cornerstone to medical disease prevention, childhood vaccinations would be it. Of course, this is a long way away from true disease prevention, but again, the word “prevention” no longer means what it should. The basic premise behind most childhood immunizations is to pump a tiny amount of pathogenic material into a child’s bloodstream in order to trigger an immune response. Supposedly, antibodies are created by the child’s immune system, and these antibodies will attack any invading pathogens later in life. Immunity is said to last a lifetime; however, booster shots are often necessary! That aside, the vaccination theory falls flat on its face when put to the test.

A few years ago, the entire world was shocked to learn about the link between autism and the MMR vaccine. What the news media failed to tell you is that this type of research into the dangers of vaccines is nothing new. Not only has the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine been linked to behavioral disorders such as autism, but MMR has also been linked to diabetes, lung cancer, epilepsy, and numerous other disorders up to and including death! During the latter part of the 20th century, shaken baby syndrome became a household term when many parents were arrested and charged with the crime of killing their newborn children in violent attempts to get them to stop crying and go back to sleep. It was later determined by competent law enforcement researchers that many of these children died of crib death-also known as sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS-and that their parents were falsely accused. But, to this day, the medical establishment remains puzzled as to the true cause of crib death. At least, that’s what we are told by the popular media. Many doctors have actually come forth with shocking evidence that the DPT vaccine-particularly the pertussis portion of this vaccine-was the cause of most crib deaths. It was also determined that the DPT vaccine could create the same physical damages found in victims of shaken baby syndrome. Interestingly, the American Medical Association studied the particulars of SIDS and incorrectly advised parents to change the sleeping positions of their infants. It was argued that suffocation was being caused by babies sleeping on their stomachs, but numerous later studies have failed to duplicate the AMAs faulty survey research. It is quite clear that the culprit here is the DPT shot, which is actually responsible for more than 10,000 deaths per year by the medical establishment’s own estimates!

If that weren’t enough, vaccines are responsible for an array of diseases and disorders. Both MMR and DPT contain neurotoxins, which can lead to brain damage, nervous system malfunction, and death. They have been linked to anaphylactic shock, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer.

Hold on a second! Vaccines are supposed to prevent disease. Right? Wrong! Vaccines, by their very design, are hazardous to our health. The premise is to create immunity, but if germs don’t cause disease, then immunity just doesn’t exist! Our bodies can’t fight something that isn’t there, so instead of creating specialized white blood cells known as antibodies when vaccines are pumped directly into our bloodstreams, our bodies go into defensive mode against the vaccines! If our bodies are too weak to fight off the poisons that have been injected directly into our bloodstreams, thus bypassing our skin-our number one defense-then we can easily become sick due to the toxins found within the vaccines. And what toxins might those be? Well, I’m glad you asked.

The MMR vaccine contains antibiotics and bacterial waste, both of which are harmful to cells. The shot for polio contains formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, and antibiotics. The toxins in the chicken pox vaccine can lead to fever, aches and pains, and death. DPT can lead to brachial neuritis and various allergic reactions such as death, and DPT also contains aluminum and mercury. Many vaccines are cultured in the cells of chicken embryos, and the rubella strain of the MMR is actually cultured in cells taken from aborted human fetuses! And despite what doctors tell us, we all know the flu vaccine causes symptoms of the flu.

For years, vaccine manufacturers received thousands of complaints of adverse reactions such as death, many of which were taken to court. Quite a few of these lawsuits dealt with mental retardation, sudden infant death syndrome, handicap, and death, and most resulted in the jury ordering the vaccine manufacturers to pay large settlements to the victims and their families. A large portion of the fee paid for routine vaccinations actually went into lawsuit funds to help pay settlements! Many of these lawsuits were even settled out of court in attempts to keep the matters hush-hush. Now, victims of routine immunizations are no longer allowed to sue huge vaccine manufacturers; instead, they must file their claims with government organizations such as the NVICP, which, so far, has paid out over a billion dollars to victims and their families.

Regardless, is any vaccine safe? During the 1930s and 1940s, when the majority of all mass-immunization programs took place in America and throughout the world, the occurrences of many of the diseases vaccinated against did decline, but what is rarely reported is that the decline of most diseases actually began prior to the introduction of their vaccines. Also, in countries like England where vaccinations were not widely used, the same diseases declined due to overall better living conditions, nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene. In countries like Japan and America where mass-immunization programs were embraced, incidents of some diseases actually skyrocketed. The horrific swine flu pandemic of 1920 that killed almost 20 million people worldwide actually coincided with a mass-immunization campaign. A similar campaign was cut short in the 1970s for fear of another pandemic, but no one ever fully placed the blame on the vaccine. Regardless, it is quite obvious that so many deaths were due to the medical establishment’s so-called “preventive” measures.

Many diseases that were said to disappear due to vaccinations were actually reclassified and never truly declined. Smallpox was said to be eradicated, but the symptoms for many other childhood illnesses (chicken pox, measles, and mumps to name a few) are almost identical to those of smallpox, which suggests medical reclassification-changing the name of one disease to another in order to say that the one disease was wiped out by a vaccine while another disease arose. Pretty clever, huh? The blunt truth is that no vaccine has ever eradicated any disease. No vaccine is either effective or safe. They are all deadly, putrid poisons that should never be injected directly into our bloodstreams, thus bypassing Nature’s best defense against disease: the skin.

What’s really troubling is the blatant contradictions the medical establishment is willing to propose as truth, all the while expecting us to whistle a comical tune while believing everything they say. Supposedly, inoculations work on the premise that our bodies will create antibodies to the pathogens found within the vaccines. If we have antibodies, we are immune to the particular disease in question. If we are immune, we can’t catch disease. This sounds very neat and tidy on the surface, but what about AIDS? With most other diseases, if you have the antibodies to that disease, you cannot catch the disease-you are immune to the disease-but with AIDS, if you have the antibodies to HIV, you are said to be HIV-positive and at risk for AIDS! This is also the case with many other viral diseases, such as rabies. Since no one can culture a virus (which is a blatant violation of Koch’s postulates, one of the cornerstones of the contagion theory), the only way to detect a virus is to detect its antibodies. But if we have antibodies, we’re immune! That’s the whole premise of immunization. So, on the one hand, if you have antibodies, you have immunity, but on the other hand, if you have antibodies, you are at risk. I have never heard so much idiocy in my life. This is just one of those little cracks in the medical model that should make anyone question both the germ theory of disease and the theory of medicine altogether. Medical researchers and practitioners want to have their cake and eat it, too. With so many hands in the proverbial pot, there’re too many people who just don’t know what’s going on and too many people who think they’re holier-than-thou and incapable of making mistakes. So, when mistakes are made, the know-nothings remain ignorant, and the holier-than-thous assume that everything’s going as planned. All the while, the entire foundation upon which everything in medicine is based continues to crumble underneath their feet. In time, the entire establishment will crumble-the theocracy will fall-and perhaps healthy living will take a stand at the front for a change.

When people are diagnosed HIV-positive (a diagnosis that could happen to anyone due to the faultiness of the HIV test), the fear factor alone is enough to cause disease. Mind over body is a very powerful phenomenon, but I won’t get into that right now. Assuming your emotions don’t get the best of you if and when you are diagnosed positive for the human immunodeficiency virus (and even if they do), most doctors are going to start you out on a strict daily regimen of AIDS drugs. Often called the “AIDS cocktail,” this regimen can consist of taking up to 40 pills per day for the rest of your life. One of the most common AIDS drugs is AZT, which is a very deadly drug in and of itself and is actually capable of creating the same symptoms associated with AIDS! Symptoms such as blood cell destruction, chronic fatigue, lactic acidosis, and even death can all be caused by the prolonged use of AZT. Initially, AZT was created as a cancer drug, long before anyone had ever heard of AIDS, but due to its high toxicity, it was pulled by its manufacturer and shelved, never to be used again. When AIDS became popular, AZT was put back into production. The media wants us to believe that AZT was specifically designed to combat HIV, thus preventing the onset of full-blown AIDS, but this is a tremendous lie! AZT was created to cure cancer, and because it was so toxic, its use was suppressed. Now, it is used to treat AIDS, but the sad truth of this tale is that AZT actually causes the symptoms associated with AIDS. In numerous clinical studies, AIDS patients who did not take AZT actually lived longer and healthier lives than those who popped these deadly pills like candy. Like all other AIDS drugs, AZT is a notoriously harmful drug that will kill you if taken over a prolonged period of time. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to develop AIDS or not. If you test HIV-positive and you’re put on AZT, you will develop AIDS, and you will die. And remember what I said before: the test for HIV is faulty. Due to how it is tested and the chances of a false positive, almost anyone can test positive for HIV. If you test positive, will you question the diagnosis and get a second, third, and fourth opinion, or will you blindly follow the medical establishment and take every drug they hand you in hopes that you won’t get sick? Of course, HIV doesn’t even exist. The belief in viruses came about almost 40 years before the technology existed to see at the submicroscopic level using an electron microscope. Any first-year molecular biology student will tell you that electron microscopes are very poor instruments that produce black-and-white shadows of images on computer-printed electron micrographs that must be interpreted by trained professionals before anyone knows what they are. When you look at an electron micrograph, it’s not like looking at a snapshot; it’s like looking at black blobs on a white sheet of paper. Unless you’re told what you’re looking at, you have no idea what you’re seeing. News flash: Even the trained professionals were told what to look for at one time, so who’s to say they even know what they’re seeing?

Back in the 1940s (after over 35 years of believing that viruses must exist), James Hillier manufactured the first useable transmission electron microscope-one that could see at the submicroscopic level. After studying the poor electron micrographs they produced, scientists finally agreed that they had found a virus. After all, the belief existed for almost 40 years; they would have looked pretty stupid if they didn’t find something. But did they really find viruses? Or did they just go on a modern-day witch hunt and accuse the first thing they saw of being a witch … er, I mean, virus?

You’ve got to know a little something about molecular biology to really understand the argument against the existence of viruses. I’ll briefly explain what has happened, but don’t worry if you don’t fully understand. I doubt there’s more than a handful of molecular biologists who fully understand everything they believe. Like I said before, it’s more a religion than a science.

Anyway, right now in your body, you have billions upon billions of cells-muscle cells, tissue cells, blood cells, bone cells, and so forth. All of these cells work together to form you. But while you can live many, many years (perhaps a lot longer than you currently believe), your cells only live for weeks or months at a time. After that, they undergo the process of cellular division. One cell splits into two cells, two into four, four into eight, etc. Cells can only divide so many times before they get kind of old, and then they die. Their progeny, of course, can go on forever. But cells do die. The process is known as apoptosis-a kind of cellular suicide. When this occurs to a cell, the cell dissipates inside the bloodstream and becomes a rather sloppy blob of genetic material and protein debris. Getting back to viruses, the definition for a virus is a genome wrapped in a protein sheath. A genome is nothing more than genetic material, so if a dead cell is genetic material and protein debris, then wouldn’t it make sense that these materials could be misidentified on occasion as viruses? A genome wrapped in a protein sheath could easily be a dead cell or a virus.

During the 1940s, scientists did not know that cells died and dissipated in the bloodstream. Instead of finding viruses, they found dead cells, and their witch-hunt concluded with them believing that viruses were nonliving genomes wrapped in protein sheaths. But scientists still believe in viruses. Don’t they? Sure they do, because as I have already mentioned, the germ theory of disease is rarely put to the test, and even when it is, any unwanted conclusions are written off as poor research. The germ theory is, for all intents and purposes, written in stone. It would be blasphemous to go against such a steadfast belief. But science still goes on. The medical establishment has learned about apoptosis-the death of a cell. And what’s interesting is that they have admitted on many occasions that dead cells can be misidentified as viruses. The two are so similar until it is difficult to tell them apart! Could it then be possible that a virus is nothing more than a dead cell?

Concerning viruses, there is much more to the story. Viruses are said to invade living cells in order to force reproduction. When living cells eat dead cells (as they do all the time in the bloodstream), it could easily appear as though a virus is entering into a living cell. When living cells eat, it is known as phagocytosis. The process of phagocytosis, then, has been misidentified as a virus entering a cell. Keep in mind that no one sees this process in live action. It must all be interpreted on a series of electron micrographs, which are computer-printed shadows of images on black-and-white paper. It takes experts to read these micrographs, and even the experts have admitted that they have mistaken dead cells for viruses on many occasions. Couldn’t they have also mistaken phagocytosis for a virus entering into a living cell? For what it’s worth, viruses do not cause disease. They don’t even exist. Viral diseases such as smallpox, AIDS, HPS, the flu, and even the common cold are not caused by viruses, and are, therefore, not contagious.

So, what causes smallpox? Smallpox supposedly does not occur anymore, because it was supposedly eradicated many years ago. Regardless, its symptoms are still around. We call these symptoms by other names now, such as chicken pox, German measles, etc. But are these symptoms really indicative of a disease? What you’ve got to understand is that the body, while complex by design, is very simple in operation. When you take drugs, eat what you shouldn’t, drink, smoke, live without regards to health, take routine vaccinations, and stifle your symptoms with medications, your body has no choice but to find a way to get rid of all this toxic stuff you’ve been pumping into it. So, when it needs to, your body forces a detoxification to eliminate all of the toxins you have been consuming. What you normally consider disease is actually your body’s way of making you healthier!

Children who are constant consumers of dairy products, who are given medications to stifle their cold and flu symptoms, and who are pumped full of toxic vaccinations a dozen times in their infancy are benefited by developing the symptoms of chicken pox, the measles, and other childhood diseases. These diseases are used by their bodies to eliminate a few years’ worth of built-up poisons. Such diseases are actually very efficient, because the entire surface of the skin is used to eliminate toxins. As we grow older, the body becomes less efficient, and diseases with pox-like symptoms don’t occur very often. Less efficiency is due to storage of too many toxins.

We are taught from a very early age that every time we have a slight cough or an upset stomach, it’s okay to take the next best wonder drug to relieve ourselves of these symptoms. Again, the body is very simple in operation. If you put something into it that it cannot use, your body immediately tries to get rid of it. The more you put in, the more your body tries to eliminate, but there are times when these toxins are stored for too long. Usually, normal channels of elimination such as defecation, urination, respiration, and perspiration are enough to eliminate all toxic substances from the body, but when toxins are stored for prolonged periods of time, they must be eliminated through alternate channels, and that is why you develop symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, sweating due to high fever, nasal drip, coughing, sneezing, pustules and boils, and so forth. All of these symptoms are liquid-releasing in nature. They serve the purpose of eliminating poisons that have been stored in your body for a prolonged period of time. Your body uses these alternate channels for the purposes of detoxification, but as we have all been taught, what are you supposed to do when you develop such symptoms? You take medications to relieve yourself of these symptoms. In essence, you stop the detoxification, which forces your body to restore the toxins, thus setting you up for a more harsh detoxification in the future.

The older we get, the more toxins our bodies are forced to store. Doctors have got the whole premise backwards. Liquid-releasing symptoms are not caused by bacteria and viruses. They are not symptoms of a disease. They are symptoms of a detoxification, and the purpose of a detoxification is to take something out of the body that does not belong there. Doctors who prescribe medications that stifle the detoxification are merely stifling the body’s natural defense against disease! We need to detoxify. It is a normal part of living, and if we stifle these symptoms, we force our bodies to become inefficient, sluggish, and inoperative. True diseases are caused by the storage of poisons. AIDS, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders such as lupus, lymphocytopenia, lung failure, arthritis, tuberculosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, aging, and even death are all caused by the unnecessary storage of toxins in particular areas of your body, thus leading to failure in those parts of your body. The storage of toxins in your pancreas can lead to diabetes; storage in your joints can lead to arthritis; storage in your muscles and bones can lead to fatigue. This information might seem radical and shocking, but it is the simplest explanation to disease symptoms, and in science, the most parsimonious or simplest explanation of the data is always the best explanation.

The medical establishment has become overzealous and complicated in their explanations for disease. They want us to believe that there are thousands of diseases with thousands of causes and thousands of cures. If they would just look at the body rationally, they would realize that it is a simple, elegant machine capable of keeping itself healthy with the proper nutrients, rest, love, and living conditions. Medical practitioners have become cold and impersonal, looking at the human body as nothing more than a pile of blood and guts, never fully understanding why it is alive and never fully understanding what disease is and how to prevent it.

The cold, hard truth is that the only cure for disease is the disease itself! When the body detoxifies, it is in the process of curing or healing itself, and any interference of this process spells disaster. All medications serve to stifle symptoms. All of them are neurotransmitter inhibitors or accelerators capable of tampering with the proper neurological functioning of the body. Tampering with this function causes malfunction within the body. Cells are forced to operate in ways they wouldn’t normally operate, the nervous system is forced to shut down, and the body is changed dramatically. Liquid-releasing symptoms are stifled for purposes of curing the disease, and doctors never realize that these symptoms are the body’s way of healing itself. All medications are toxic to cells. All medications, including vaccinations and antibiotics, are toxic to the body and capable of destroying the body from the inside out.

Children who are forced to take Ritalin by so-called caring parents who believe that their children have ADHD are very prone to developing tics, mania, liver failure, allergies, and psychosis. The side-effects of amoxicillin, Cipro, and other antibiotics can include convulsions, psychosis, cellular damage, joint and cartilage deterioration, etc. Psychoactive drugs such as Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft are responsible for causing more serious bouts of depression, some so severe they have led users to murder their families and kill themselves! Over 100,000 people each year die of prescription medications they were told to take by their doctors, and what’s scary, evidence suggests they were taking the drugs the way they were supposed to be taken.

Drugs, whether illegal, prescription, or over-the-counter, are, by their very nature, dangerous to the human body and to the overall health and wellness of anyone who takes them. Drugs are dangerous, and its time we stopped using them to cure diseases that are not harmful to the body. Again, doctors have got it backwards. They want us to believe that the diseases are bad and the drugs are good, but in truth, it is the diseases that are good and necessary, while the drugs only serve to stifle much needed symptoms, thus forcing the body to become more diseased.

So, viruses don’t cause disease, drugs are bad, vaccinations kill, and health is a product of healthy living. What about bacteria? Since the 1800s, bacteria have been getting a bad rap from the medical community as being the primary pesky disease-causing germs. But, as I’ve already said, bacteria don’t cause disease. Louis Pasteur acted pretty much by himself on this mistake. He was asked by the French government to find out why drinking fermented alcohol causes people to get sick. Today, we all know that beer is quite capable of making us experience the symptoms of a detoxification, but back then-back when many people still believed that demons caused diseases and science was still crawling at a rather slow pace-no one knew about detoxifications and how alcohol affects the body. Pasteur dutifully went to work to find out why alcohol makes people sick, and the conclusion he drew was that the bacteria within the beer caused sickness. After all, when people are sick, bacteria can be found. This conclusion led to the premise of pasteurization, whereby liquids are heated at extreme temperatures to destroy bacteria. All of this is well and good; however, there were quite a few scientists during Pasteur’s time who did not agree with Pasteur, but because the French government believed Pasteur, any opposition to his ideas fell on deaf ears. But just because his ideas were believed above all others and without question, Pasteur’s conclusions were still incorrect.

Bacteria are very simple, single-celled organisms. Like most of earth’s simple creatures, bacteria live for two very basic purposes: food and procreation. They procreate just like any other cell-through cellular division-which makes them asexual. And they are responsible for eating the dead debris left behind when plants and animals die. The word usually associated with the work of bacteria is “decay.” When something is dead, it decays, and it is the job of bacteria to break down dead tissue at the cellular level, thereby ridding the earth of dead plants and animals. Without them, we’d be up to our armpits in cadavers. All bacteria are saprophytes. This is what scientists call creatures that eat dead things. Fungi, many insects, vultures, and all strains of bacteria are saprophytes and incapable of eating anything other than dead tissue. If bacteria make us sick, then that means they must be eating our living tissue, thus killing our cells and causing our bodies harm. But as saprophytes, bacteria cannot eat anything but dead tissue. If you are alive, then your tissue is living; therefore, bacteria cannot harm you. Right? Well, not quite …

At all times, you have billions of bacteria living inside of your body. Remember, cells die all of the time. Typically, other cells are responsible for gobbling up these cells and disposing them from the body. But bacteria are also within your body to help in the expulsion of dead cellular debris. You have bacteria in your throat, lungs, stomach, intestines, and all throughout your bloodstream. They are there to help you digest food, they provide you with certain vitamins, they help in the absorption of minerals, and they perform thousands of other functions that you need for survival. Without bacteria, your body would be overwhelmed by dead cells, and you would die. The symbiotic relationship we have with thousands of strains of bacteria is necessary for our survival, so it is ridiculous for us to think that they can cause disease.

The medical establishment has got the premise backwards. Their assumption is that bacteria devour living cells, thus causing tissue destruction, thus causing disease. But this is the complete opposite of what truly happens. Your body is very efficient, but it needs the proper nutrients in order to function correctly. When you avoid nutritious foods and pump your body full of toxic substances such as beer, prescription medications, and vaccines, your cells do not divide properly, your tissues and organs fail to function, and your body falls into a downward spiral of ill health. Drugs kill cells. Even over-the-counter drugs kill cells. When you kill cells, the bacteria that are already within your body-bacteria such as staph, TB, strep, and thousands of other strains-are obligated by natural design to devour these dead cells. When you kill cells, bacteria devour these cells, because that’s what they do. When you throw out the trash, flies are attracted to the trash. Did the flies cause the trash to exist? Does the presence of flies cause garbage? No! So, does the presence of bacteria cause dead tissue cells? No! The tissue cells must exist first. By taking in toxins, you kill cells, and when you destroy cells, bacteria are attracted to these diseased areas. If you go to the doctor and he finds bacteria, then it is automatically assumed you have a bacterial infection, but the premise is backwards.

Pasteur’s critics were never able to convince the mainstream that Pasteur was wrong. The medical establishment-which is most definitely a very lucrative business, spilling over into pharmaceuticals, immunizations, expensive and oftentimes unnecessary surgeries, extravagant hospitals, and so forth-pressed on with the idea of the germ theory of disease without question. Even after they learned of the toxicity of beer, thus disputing Pasteur’s findings, they remained loyal to the germ theory, because it was the foundation of the medical establishment back then just as it is today. Why? Because the only way to cure bacterial and viral diseases is with medications, and medications are huge sellers. For starters, they’re legal drugs. Many people use them for recreational purposes when they are not sick, and many doctors see nothing wrong with prescribing drugs for such purposes. Secondly, medications are seen as quick fixes, and offering quick fixes is much more profitable than offering advice on healthy living. Finally, medications are a source of residual income. People who use medications keep coming back for more and more without ever questioning the consequences. We have become comfortable with the idea of popping a pill to relieve ourselves of pain, nausea, aches, and symptoms of so-called germ-related diseases.

The cold, hard truth is that viruses and bacteria do not cause disease. Most diseases are actually body-initiated detoxifications for purposes of regaining balance within the body, and it is when the symptoms of these diseases are stifled that true sicknesses such as AIDS, cancer, and aging occur. The more the body is forced to store toxic substances within its cells, joints, tissues, organs, and bones, the more the health of the body degrades, and this is the true cause of disease. Health is only created by healthy living, and the medical establishment does not offer the necessary tools you need to live healthily.