“Nora has been such an incredible help to me, I would have been lost without her knowledge, patience and understanding. She has taught me so much and made everything so clear to me for which I am forever grateful. There is so much confusion and different and conflicting viewpoints in the nutrition/lifestyle world that I was floundering hopelessly. The clarity and advice that I received from Nora has been priceless…”-Vanessa C.
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Following is a breakdown of our coaching packages and other products. If you have needs that don’t fit into any of these categories, please feel free to contact us for a customized program.

Basic Introductory Coaching Packages

Not sure whether the raw lifestyle is for you? Confused about the various approaches? Have questions you’ve been unable to get answered? Or perhaps you’d just like to find out if what you’re experiencing on a raw diet is “normal” or “natural”. These one-time consulting packages will inspire you to keep making steady progress and will take you to a new level of understanding about health.
One 1/2-hour phone consultation PLUS 1 email for follow-up questions
Cost – $60

One 1-hour phone consultation PLUS 2 emails for follow-up questions
Cost – $90
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Ongoing Support

If you’ve decided to go 100% raw and need regular, reliable and on-going guidance, weekly consultations will give you the motivation and information you need to continue discarding bad habits and forming new healthy ones.
One weekly 1-hour phone consultation PLUS 1 weekly follow-up email Cost – $300/month
Receive a 10% discount when you pay by check or money order!
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T.C. Fry’s Original Life Science Course

This is the original 106-lesson course written and compiled by legendary Natural Hygienist T.C. Fry with contributing works by Dr. Herbert Shelton, Dr. Ralph Cinque, Marty Fry, Dr. Vivian Vetrano, Mike Benton and many other great hygiene writers. It is intended to prepare someone for a professional career as a hygienic health consultant but has also been used by thousands of regular, health-seeking people to re-educate themselves on the truth about health and disease. Click here for more information on this course.
2,500 pages long (unbound) Cost – $225 (+$15 for domestic shipping).
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TC Fry’s Master Health and Achieving Personal Excellence Audio CDs

A perfect accompaniment to the Life Science course, these CDs offer not only in-depth insights about health and natural hygiene from one of the great pioneers of the modern health movement, but also glimpses into the evolution of his personal and unconventional health education, his motives for becoming healthy, details of his lifestyle before and after his discovery of natural hygiene, his family and even his philosophies on child rearing. Click here for more information on these CDs.
Both sets (total of 36 CDs): $289
(includes domestic shipping)

Master Health Series
The Master Health Series is a set of 24 CDs (45 minutes each) and is intended as an audio complement to the Life Science Course, but can be used on its own. Below are the titles of each CD.
$209 (includes domestic shipping)
Achieving Personal Excellence Audio CDs
The Personal Excellence Series is a set of 12 CDs (60 minutes each) and goes beyond diet and exercise to include discussions about related topics like stopping bad habits, attaining mental excellence, setting goals and achieving self-mastery.
$139 (includes domestic shipping)