The Subtle Selling of Sickness

I try to avoid watching TV news but this morning while checking the weather I took the bait and waited through a barrage of commercials to see how a 400 pound man lost half his body weight. The teaser showed the reporter sitting on a reclining stationary bike, causing the viewer to quickly conclude that the man’s success was due to exercise. The story opens with the now relatively slim man grunting as he pumps an iron bar, urged on by his personal trainer. Next, still sitting in the gym, he explains how he stayed motivated by reminding himself why he wanted to lose weight (to be around longer for his son). Then the story cuts to the man in his kitchen and we see someone putting some unidentifiable food in small plastic containers. No mention is made of what the man may have done diet-wise to effect his weight loss. After 4-5 seconds (YES, seconds) in the kitchen, the story goes back to the gym. At that point, for those listening very closely, the guy can be heard saying “in the end, 80-90% of it is diet“.

If 80-90% of his weight loss was accomplished through diet, one might reasonably ask why this story was so focused on exercise. The answer reveals more than most people are comfortable knowing. The truth is, the media is not here to empower us. It is not even here to inform us. It exists to prop up business and government, which are pretty much one and the same nowadays. Industry benefits when people think all they can do to create health is exercise. Exercise is the bone they are willing to throw us, because it doesn’t work. Exercise is no threat to the pharmaceutical sponsors of TV news, or any other part of the medical industrial complex. Just ask any of the millions of people on drugs who regularly work out like their doctors tell them to.

If that doesn’t convince the skeptical that the media does not have our interests at heart, the very next story should. It was all about how “flu” incidence this year has broken all the records, with people showing up in emergency rooms in higher numbers than ever before. Of course this was a perfect segue to the whole purpose of telling us about the high incidence of “flu”, which is selling flu shots. We are then told that the 3 things we can do to avoid getting sick are: 1) Get a flu shot, 2) wash hands frequently, and 3) stay away from sick people.

It’s impossible to exaggerate the incredible worthlessness of this advice. Not only worthless, but harmful, particularly when it involves shooting cocktails of known and unknown chemicals directly into people’s bloodstreams. Washing hands dries out skin and does less than nothing to prevent sickness, especially if toxic, ‘antibacterial’ soaps are used. Staying away from sick people, especially loved ones, is harmful to health as well. I have often pondered all the unnecessary harm and heartbreak that has come just from the age-old misguided practice of quarantining, never mind all the other collateral damage caused by the myth that microorganisms cause disease.

These two stories alone reveal that the media/industry/government cabal wants nothing more than to keep people ignorant and confused about something that is so remarkably simple that babies have it figured out.

There are efforts underway to turn the Internet into another business/government-controlled mouthpiece like TV, but for now all that can be done by the enemies of the truth is to muddy up the waters. Fortunately, for those who know how and where to look, the truth can still be found on the Internet.