More media shenanigans

Vaccine skeptics seem to be excited about all the recent hoopla in the media about Trump and vaccines.  Some are even praising him as a hero for bringing vaccination skepticism into the mainstream.

Make no mistake, all this attention on vaccines is not for the purpose of ERADICATING them, which is what needs to happen, but for saving the industry.  They realize that before they can get tough and force vaccination on everyone, they need to do something about the public’s increasing awareness that vaccines contain “questionable” ingredients.  The media stories are all about convincing the public that politicians like Trump and RFK care about people and are doing something to “clean up” vaccines.

In reality, they are out to save their buddies in the vaccine industry, and increase the latter’s reach and power.  And by the way, most “anti-vaxxers” are right in there with them.  There is so much fake/controlled opposition in the vaccination arena that you don’t know the paid shills from the real activists, but even the latter mostly want nothing more than for vaccines to be “clean” and schedules to be “reasonable”.

After all the fuss, nothing will be done to improve vaccines, but in the public’s perception vaccines will be “clean” so there will be no legitimate reason to refuse them.  If you think opposing vaccination is tough now, just wait.

Vaccines are 100% money-driven fraud, always were and always will be.  They have never prevented anything except good health.  No disease ever victimizes anyone.  Disease is a body-restorative process and the only way to deal with it properly is to REMOVE THE CAUSE (usually, what goes in your MOUTH).  The body heals itself.