My art work

IMG_0954If you’ll indulge a moment of immodesty, I wanted to tell you that I have recently begun showcasing my artwork at a local raw vegan restaurant in West Seattle called Chaco Canyon.  Chaco has two other restaurants, one in North Seattle and the other in the Greenwood neighborhood.  In addition to offering delicious and nutritious raw sustenance, Chaco also allows local artists to display works on their walls without taking a commission.

Provided the business owner with empty wall space is discerning about the works s/he takes in, it’s really a win-win and a show of good will that is becoming increasingly uncommon.  Some cities and neighborhoods host “art walks”, where the general public is invited to stroll from space to space where art is displayed, meet artists, see and buy art.

Next time you’re in West Seattle, check out Chaco Canyon and enjoy some great raw food and beautiful artwork!  Here’s a link to my shop on for non-Seattleites. 🙂