The real causes of sickness are not ‘germs’

I received an email recently from a young woman who had been hospitalized for pneumonia, had recovered, and had subsequently proceeded to investigate with an open mind the true causes for her sickness.  It was in that process that she came upon the article I have posted here that thoroughly debunks the germ theory.  In her email, she said she’d been high raw vegan for 5 years, centering her diet around vegetables, nuts, some fruit and processed food.  She also said she did her best to avoid exposure to household and personal care chemicals.  In a follow up email she asked for resources so she could further educate herself about the real causes of sickness. 

The reason I’m posting about this is I want to publicly commend this woman for doing something so rare and intelligent as objectively attempting to discover the truth.  I also wanted to share my reply so that others who have the same questions might be helped. 

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Hi Susan,
I didn’t write the article you reference but I like to think I have a good grasp of what the true causes of sickness are.  Be assured, wherever you find sickness, you will find its real causes, and bacteria never, ever cause disease.  The real cause of sickness is always enervation due to the toxemic state of the bloodstream and body in general.  Pneumonia doesn’t happen overnight, it starts with much milder symptoms (such as a cold) that can be dealt with properly to cooperate with the body, give it the ability to catch up on its eliminative backlog, and restore homeostatic balance.  When these simple symptoms are not responded to correctly, the body must resort to more severe symptoms, and that is why more serious sicknesses such as bronchitis, “flu”, and pneumonia are experienced.  The best thing to do when you first notice symptoms is review how you have been eating and resolve to make improvements.  In the short term, fasting on water only or eating very lightly of only juicy fruits will usually allow the body to regenerate instead of escalating symptoms.  I say “usually” because it occasionally happens that even if you do all the right things, you will have to suffer symptoms for a while till your body finishes its internal cleansing.  If you had cooperated with your body when you’d first noticed symptoms, you quite probably could have avoided the hospital stay and all its attendant additional harm.

Although it is important to avoid chemicals of all kinds, doing so is an easy thing compared to changing what we eat, and that’s where the big health dividends lie.  Sometimes when people become focused on chemicals as the cause of their problems and go to a lot of trouble to avoid them, they get a false sense that they have eliminated a major factor in sickness.  Such individuals are almost as helpless when sickness does occur as germ theory adherents because they are looking in the wrong places for the causes, and are therefore unable to remove them.  I’m no fan of chemicals and I try to limit my exposure to them as well, but what you actually put through your digestive tract is a hundred times more harmful than common household chemicals, potentially.

An optimally healthy diet should be centered around fruit primarily, with vegetables as desired and nuts in very small quantities.  If that’s not how you’re eating, this is what likely caused your symptoms, along with other smaller contributing factors (lack of sleep, exercise, emotional stress, etc.).  Your diet is likely better than 95% of the people you know or even people in general.  However, nature (your body) doesn’t care what everybody else is doing, it only cares that its needs get met and if they don’t, sickness is the inevitable result.

To answer your question about further resources, unfortunately there is no definitive source of information on the unity theory of disease.  What you have to do is cobble your understanding  together from many divergent sources, some of which won’t give you the whole truth, or will give you other information that needs to be disregarded.  A good place to start is TC Fry’s “The Great AIDS Hoax”, which explains the true origins of the ‘disease’ called “AIDS”.  From that you can understand part of the motives that the medical industry might have and some of the methods they use to propagate their self-serving ideas about disease, including the germ theory.  There are a couple books written by doctors in recent years that are closer to the truth than what we normally hear from doctors but it becomes clear when reading them that the authors have not completely abandoned medical fallacy.  Nevertheless, they are helpful.  There are likely others but the ones I have in mind are “Goodbye Germ Theory” (most of which is actually about vaccination) and “The Curse and Lie of Louis Pasteur”. 

Here is a link to a book I haven’t read but looks good:  “Blood Never Lies”.  From the parts that I read on line, it appears to have all the basics you need to know to begin a full investigation of the facts. 

It’s important to get a feeling for the history of the germ theory, how, when and by whom it was thought up, and why.  It turns out Pasteur was not the noble scientist he is portrayed to be, he was a poser and plagiarist who stole the work of a truly brilliant scientist, Antoine Bechamps.  The details are found in books that are written about these two men.  If you Google the two names, lots of titles will come up, some of which I believe  can be found on line for free.  Also Googling “germ theory” and “hoax”, “lie”, “myth” or “false”, etc., will yield lots of interesting reading.  Be warned, also coming up on the list will be sites that claim to “debunk” “germ deniers”, which ridicules and attempts to discredit the idea that something other than bacteria or viruses are at work when sickness happens.

I recall when I was first exposed to this information I felt unsatisfied, like I wanted an explanation that was tied up in a neat package like the germ theory seemed to be.  I never got that, but over the years as I experienced constructive illness and encountered it in others, I never failed to find the true causes whenever I looked for them.  This, in addition to reading about the truth, allowed me to become confident in my understanding.

Thanks for writing and for having an open mind.  I hope you will find empowerment, as I have, in understanding the truth about why sickness happens.