Why did Steve Jobs die?

Dr. John McDougall has been a tireless nutrition educator for many decades and he influenced me a lot when I first discovered I’d been lied to about what we should be eating.  Nowadays I think he’s a bit stuck in his thinking with his emphasis on starch, but he offers middle ground to people who aren’t willing or able to go all the way to a fully raw diet.  His recommendations can also be used as part of a slow transition strategy on the way to an optimal way of eating.  He strays a lot from his pill pushing colleagues in the medical industry and helps people get back their power and take responsibility for their health.  For this he deserves our abiding respect.  In this video particularly, what he has to say needs to be heard by everyone who used Mr. Jobs’ death either as ‘proof’ that it doesn’t matter what you eat or who blamed his problems on his vegan diet.  Knowing what I know about his diet after watching this video, I’d have to say that it’s extremely likely he could have done much better diet-wise and that his diet was unhealthful enough to have held his body back from healing itself.  But it’s also possible, as Dr. McDougall says, that his marginally healthy diet allowed him to live much longer than he would have otherwise.

Dr. McDougall on why Steve Jobs died