Mike Adams

Not to pound the Ebola topic into the ground but I just have to wonder aloud if some people in the so-called alternative health community have completely lost their minds. Case in point: Mike Adams. I am forced to conclude that either he has always had profit as his first priority and just hid it well or he’s been completely taken over by the people who are orchestrating the Ebola psy op. I admit that second possibility seems a bit paranoid, but it’s hard to escape.

Mike has always bashed the government so he’s right in character when he takes them on for “botching” their handling of Ebola. But this time he’s doing them a huge favor, and he has to know he’s doing it. Perhaps his financial success has completely taken over his mind and he just doesn’t care about anything else anymore.  After all, fear not only sells vaccines, it sells “pandemic preparedness kits”.

If you haven’t been following his articles, the one he posted yesterday is a good example of how utterly on board he is with the fear mongers’ ridiculously unscientific assertions.  Judging by the comments that usually appear below the articles, the unwary health seekers who frequent his site are ok with these ideas too, because more often than not they express fear of Ebola and loathing for the government’s handling of it.

Make no mistake, the handling of Ebola is not, not, not being bungled. It is being handled exactly the way its handlers want it to be, and they are getting all the cooperation they need from the people who report the news. Making the public think that incompetence is ruling the way this “disease” is being dealt with will play right into their goals (evidently, to sell vaccines/drugs and keep the populace compliant, among other possibilities).

Thank goodness Jon Rappaport is on to the hoaxers and isn’t afraid to talk about the reality of what’s going on. He published another great essay today:   Bow Down to the Virus

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