“The Kiss that Kills”

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I realize that it’s the most outrageous headlines that get attention for mainstream media outlets these days, and this one was probably written with that goal in mind. In a sane world, we might hope that through their audacity the media have pushed the masses into questioning their veracity. That probably is happening to some small degree (look at the rise in popularity of ‘alternative’ news sources), but that seems not to matter because THIS is the kind of “news” that the mainstream press continues to churn out.

To synopsize, a baby that was disadvantaged from the outset (born prematurely), misfed and perhaps drugged before birth, bottle-fed after birth, likely vaccinated and who knows what else, fails to survive.  For those who understand the real causes of disease, especially among babies, this kind of outcome is almost predictable given the conditions and procedures this baby was subjected to.  The late great Herbert M. Shelton said it best: “When one considers the abuse that parents and physicians heap upon children, it causes him to marvel, not that so many children die, but that so few die. For, he soon sees that the child enters a conflict against sinister foes the day it is born, even granting that it has not been forced to fight with them before birth.”

In typical form, the medical voodooists respond to the baby’s death in the worst possible way.  Rather than trying to find the real causes, which wouldn’t take much looking at all and which might lead to the prevention of other such occurrences in the future, they get out their microscopes and go looking for some scapegoat “pathogen”.  Of course since “pathogens” are ever-present even in the healthiest among us, they find a suitable culprit.  And as in virtually every other circumstance involving “contagious” disease, true causes are ignored and blind alleys are pursued instead.  What this means for the parents is that they are blamed for the death of their baby, and not in the way they SHOULD be blamed (after all, they were responsible for how he was treated in and out of the womb), but in a way that doesn’t get anybody any closer to understanding why it happened.

The big winner in this situation is, once again, the medical profession.  Although doctors likely did nothing but hasten the death of this child, they get to look like heroes who did their very best in the face of an unbeatable foe.  Everyone else loses.  The parents are made to look like clueless imbeciles who should have known better than to kiss their child and the rest of us must give up a little more control over our own lives. That’s because this is exactly the kind of situation that motivates misguided legislators to pass useless laws.   Why shouldn’t we lock up parents who “give” their children ‘contagious’ diseases, they will reason, if it prevents even one child’s death? If you think that sounds crazy, ponder the hundreds or thousands of innocent people in prison right now because they committed the crime of “transmitting” HIV to their sexual partners, a crime that isn’t even possible never mind provable in a court of law.

More and more people are quietly rejecting the germ theory, but even these exceptional thinkers don’t seem to recognize how much power it confers to the medical/governmental establishment, or perhaps they wouldn’t be so quiet. As I write this, I’ve been following a thread on a local whole foods buying club, where a group of small dairy farmers and those who want to buy their products are commiserating over their lack of freedom to do business because of laws and regulations ostensibly intended to keep consumers “safe” but are really in place just to prop up big dairy and other industries.  They are apparently oblivious to the fact that at the base of all this harm is not the insurance industry or even the government, but one little ludicrously false idea that almost everyone accepts without question – that disease is caused and/or carried by microorganisms.

The negative consequences go on and on, all unfelt by a populace that still regards itself as “free” in spite of all the hoops we must jump through for our own “protection”.  A couple years ago I was almost kicked out of a restaurant for bringing fruit in because of some “sanitation” regulations passed down by the Oregon Dept. of Public “Health”.  All around me, people were eating the foods that we all know are the true causes of disease, yet I was deemed a threat because of the germs my fruit may have carried, or some other such trumped-up fear.

I know how difficult it is to speak up against the tide of near unanimity that the germ-disease belief system enjoys.  Even I don’t take every opportunity, nor do I necessarily advocate that.  But I do encourage people with receptive minds to do their homework so they are prepared when opportunities arise to educate others.  There are more and more germ theory exposés being written all the time but my current favorite is “Goodbye Germ Theory: Ending a Century of Medical Fraud” by Dr. William P. Trebing.  Even if you choose to stay in the germ closet, at least you will know you’re being bamboozled when you read a headline like the one above.

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