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Many of you may be members of Loren Lockman’s Facebook Group “Getting Out of the Way w/ Loren” and have been enjoying his videos on YouTube. If not, I highly recommend both Loren and his group as a source of information and inspiration to aspiring raw fooders.

A few months ago, Loren sent out a letter that explained all the recent happenings at his fasting retreat, Tanglewood Wellness Center, which included being unjustly evicted from their previous location in Panama. The facility has now been re-established on a 9-acre property in Costa Rica and is currently open for fasting. It will close for regularly scheduled maintenance in September but will open again from November 10th until January 5, 2013. More fasting sessions will be scheduled for 2013 and the dates will be posted on the Tanglewood website.

I have long hoped to do an extended fast at Loren’s Panama facility. In the Spring of 2011, I finally planned it. I purchased my fasting time in advance, booked a flight and arranged to be gone from my business for 3 weeks. However, for reasons not relevant to the topic of this post, I had to cancel a week before I was due to leave.

For me, that turned out to be the window of opportunity for a lengthy fast that isn’t likely to return any time soon. A few months after my planned fast, I began to have problems with several deteriorating 35-year-old dental crowns (they don’t last forever!). My focus now and for the next year or so will be to have them replaced, which I have begun doing in Mexico.

That brings me to the point of this blog post. Loren has kindly given me permission to re-sell the 2 weeks of Tanglewood fasting time I had purchased in advance. A 2-week fast at Tanglewood normally costs $1,995, which you may know is already a very good price. The price for the 2 weeks I am selling is only $1,000, a savings of almost 50%. It must be used before the end of summer, 2013.

If doing an extended water fast in a tropical paradise is of interest to you, I highly recommend Tanglewood. Loren is a very skilled fasting practitioner and a 25-year natural hygienist who walks his talk in his own personal life. About 10 years ago I watched a video Loren had made and was so impressed that I called him and arranged to coordinate a talk for him in Seattle. The resulting event was a huge success. We did another one a couple years later, and both times I hosted Loren in my home. As a transitioning hygienist myself, it was a very valuable experience for me to be around Loren, to watch his energy levels, moods, eating, sleeping and other lifestyle habits. When I speak of the two people I’ve known who have truly freed themselves from all harmful addictions, Loren is one of them. (The other is my friend Robert Rust, another 25-year raw foodist/hygienist).

I will paste the text from the above referenced letter below for some additional background info, including a recounting of Loren’s original reasons for opening Tanglewood. For more information about Tanglewood, please visit: To inquire about purchasing the 2-week fasting package that I have for sale, please email me directly.

Thanks and best wishes,


As you may know, I opened Tanglewood roughly 15 years ago. I had gotten very sick 28 years ago, shortly after graduating from college (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, chronic sinusitis, candidiasis, and 57 allergies,) and had gotten worse with three years of medical care. Finally, not knowing where else to turn, I realized that I needed to take matters into my own hands. I made radical changes to my diet, and ultimately adopted a raw vegan diet and learned about fasting. And though both were very powerful, I was amazed by the power of fasting to allow my body to cleanse and heal itself. I had tried juice-fasting quite a few times, and had even gone 4 months once. But one week on water was far more powerful for me than 4 months on juices…(and I hear similar things from my clients with juice fasting experience all the time.)

My health, vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance all soared to new levels. After suffering for many years and trying many paths without success, I had found something truly amazing. And I wanted to share it with the world.

I walked away from a lucrative career in commercial real estate to offer this information and experience to as many people as possible. I’d known for years that I wanted to live in the tropics, and now that I was living on mostly fruit, that desire was more fervent than ever. I decided to open and establish the center in the US, and move a few years later.

The first location was just outside of Washington, DC. It was challenging getting started, with almost no one around that understood what I was doing. I started offering monthly seminars and later traveled to speak at most of the large raw food events/expos as well as traveling each year to Costa Rica or Panama looking for a tropical home. The word started to get out, and within a few years, we had outgrown the first location, where we could house 9 guests.

I looked for a place to lease, thinking that we would be there no more than 2 years before moving to the tropics. I finally bought a large place where we ultimately could house 18 guests and 7 staff on 18 mountaintop acres near Camp David, in Thurmont, MD. And because Not moving is always easier than moving, it was four years before I’d found a location, made the necessary arrangements and was ready to move.

That was seven years ago. I signed a lease/option contract for our home in Panama, a building had been built as a retirement home for nurses, but never occupied because the Nurse’s Association never had the money to open and operate it. The Panamanian government built the building, handed the nurses the keys, and then the building sat vacant for nearly 8 years, a white elephant…until we came along. Though it had many issues, the building and layout worked well for our needs, and though the grounds consisted of five acres of cow pasture that were cut to the ground every month, I saw enormous potential there.

We agreed to lease the property with an option to buy it anytime during the lease period at a fixed price. Coming from the US, the price looked very attractive to me, and I was thrilled to have this lovely place to create a piece of paradise that would serve our guests as well as possible.

Though we registered as a normal corporation (because it was much easier to set up that way,) Tanglewood had always operated as a non-profit, and had little money at that point, but I still had some funds personally, and I invested all of my capital plus everything coming in to make the center and grounds as beautiful and comfortable as possible. When we left, we had some renovations happening on the place in Maryland, and I expected to be able to sell that property for far more than we needed to cover the cost of purchasing the place in Panama.

We renovated the building, adding new light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, ceiling fans, screen doors, entry doors, custom louvered sliding glass doors into the office and guest dining room, and much more. And we created more than 1km of trails, planted hundreds of fruit trees, thousands of ornamental plants and trees, added 8 fountains, dozens of sitting areas with wooden benches, four thatch-roofed structures, amazing landscaping, ponds, streams, papaya and banana circles, arbors for passion fruit and granadilla, and much more. We built a 100 meter wall along the road to minimize noise from the gravel road alongside the property, three beautiful cottages for guests who wanted to stay longer after completing their refeeding, a guardhouse at the entry way, a garage, and later, an apartment inside the garage where I lived.

We had succeeded in creating a little piece of paradise. As the lease period was winding down, the real estate market crashed in Maryland, and when the property there didn’t sell after 18 months, I gave it back to the bank, as I had already spent everything I had left carrying the property. I didn’t know how I was going to come up with the funds to buy the new place. Then the president of the nurse’s association assured me that they would extend the contract to give me 6 more months to find the funds. I asked many times to get that assurance in writing, but they kept stalling, telling me that they would get it to me soon. A month from the contract expiration, they sent my lawyer a letter telling us that they would Not extend the contract and that we had 4 weeks to pay or move out.

I sent a letter to our client list and many amazing clients helped with small and large donations and loans. A week before the end of the contract period, we had the funds we needed. But their lawyer never responded to our many calls to sit down and sign the contract. They had decided that since the property was worth much more money, they should get more money, even though we had a valid contract…which they had written.

I fired my lawyer (who had proved to be inept at this point,) and sought new representation. I went to a half-dozen of the largest law firms in Panama City, who all told me the same thing: we had a valid contract and would prevail if we just waited 3-4 years for a judge to decide the case. I hired a real estate law firm and we filed suit. And waited. And waited.

I had invested both all of my own funds, as well as everything coming in to the center in creating the place we wanted, and I had expected to be able to get this money back as soon as we had title and could go get a loan on the property. Now with no funds available and no way to borrow against the property, we were crippled, and more so as the economy went into recession.

After many years of operating at near full-occupancy, we were struggling to stay afloat and I finally realized that I needed to get back on the road to give lectures and seminars as this had always been the most effective way of letting people know about what we do.

Over the last ten years, at any given time an average of 75% of our guests here were either returning or were referred by another happy client. But with the serious economic downturn, many of our clients were not in a position to be able to come. We needed to start spreading the word again (and probably would have been better off if we never stopped!)

Our fasting and internship schedules meant that I had only a couple of days free each quarter, so traveling wasn’t really possible. We changed the internship to a nine week program to allow me to travel when we were closed (and when I was previously teaching the interns every day for a month) and I went back on the road.

In September, I was mid-way through a 4-week lecture tour when I received an instant message from my secretary in Panama, who was frantic. She told me that the police were at the center with a judge, and that they were in the process of evicting us and seizing everything at the center. I immediately called my lawyer’s office, and couldn’t get him on the phone.

I was reeling, and couldn’t imagine what had happened, but I realized that I had guests scheduled to be at the center in just over two weeks…and I no longer had a place to fast them! I contacted some people in Costa RIca that had a retreat center and inquired about renting some space there to spend the next fasting session. Fortunately, it was the slow season, and they had space available. I informed my guests and rerouted them to Costa Rica.

I returned to Panama two weeks later and was given a few hours to get my clothing and a few personal items.

Everything else was lost; furniture, mattresses, organic cotton linens and towels, comforters, pillows and all bedding, dishes, glasses, flatware and all kitchen equipment, environmentally friendly washer and dryer, large library of books and DVDs, computers and office equipment, Creating Perfect Health System inventory, automobiles, cash, art, sculpture, rugs, curtains, light fixtures, audio and video equipment, client files, hammocks, gift store merchandise, etc.

It was only “stuff” but it was all the stuff I needed to operate the center, and little money to replace it. And though I was down, I wasn’t out. Having helped so many people dramatically improve their health and their lives, I was committed to finding a way to keep the center going.

I took a bus to Costa Rica with two suitcases and met my clients at the retreat center. Thankfully, it was a quiet session, and while we were open, I spent a few hours each week looking at potential center locations. I found a beautiful place on 9 acres, negotiated a 3-year lease, and moved there in time to open the December session.

It took me several weeks to find out what had happened in Panama. After being told by so many lawyers that we had to win, it was shocking when it went the other way. More shocking was when I found out that the judge had made the decision back in January, 2011…and I was finding out in September. They had waited to evict us until there was no more possibility of appealing the decision. Further, the experts I spoke with suggested that the judge must have been paid off, and because my lawyer had a fiduciary responsibility to me, he must have been paid off as well. The property in Panama was now worth much more than my contract price…not surprising given that I had invested a small fortune in it, and that the area had appreciated considerably.

Apparently, the nurse’s and their lawyer couldn’t resist the money sitting in the property, even though they never had a penny invested in the property.

I’ve always felt very privileged to be able to help people through this amazing process, and intent on creating the best place and experience possible, have always put almost every penny back into the center, never paying myself a salary. When everything was seized in Panama, I had nothing saved for this rainy day I never thought would come.

Fortunately, the new place was mostly furnished, and I bought just enough linens and towels and glasses and plates to be able to meet my guests needs and have replacements when it was time to wash. And so Tanglewood has been reborn in Costa Rica.

I moved out of my mother’s house when I was 16 and started working while finishing high school. I was motivated to win an appointment to the US Air Force Academy partly because I wanted to fly (and I did!) and partly because I wanted to have my education paid for (thanks, if you pay US taxes.) I’ve always relied on myself and have always found a way to make things happen.

In case you are concerned about our long-term future, there are many wonderful things happening, including finally starting to put up YouTube videos and seeing some excellent response from that, starting a new Facebook group called Getting Out of Your Way w/Loren, designed to inspire and teach you how to get out of your body’s way and make the best choices possible on an ongoing basis (come on over and check it out!), setting up a new monthly e-newsletter which will be going out soon with lots of great features, and getting back out on the road to travel and speak — the single best way I’ve found to get the word out up to now. The last tour to Arizona and California was very well-received, and continuing to do these events assures an ongoing flow of business…it just takes a while to get started!

A client who holds a very key position at the University where he works, and who credits me for saving his life many years ago has arranged for the institution to make a very nice contribution to Tanglewood which could become an annual gift. (The issue is that for tax reasons, they won’t make the donation until we have 501c3 non-profit status and right now, we don’t have the funds to pay the lawyers to make this happen.)

And perhaps the most exciting development is that after more than 10 years of making excuses, I’m now hard at work on a book that will not only show people how to create an amazing level of health for themselves, but will also share many of the miraculous stories of healing that I have been a witness to over these last 15 years. Getting a book out can really change the game and with your help, it’s success will insure that more people than ever can learn how to attain their birthright of near-perfect health.

So there are many things happening now which will positively impact our long-term viability, and which, I believe, insure that Tanglewood will continue to help people for many more years.

If you are not interested in fasting now, or not sure, you might want to check out the videos below.

To see an Introduction to Water-Only Fasting with me, click here:

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You might consider investing in the Creating Perfect Health System, now a digital download of more than 15 hours of live lectures and seminars on every aspect of health and healing. The program consists of more than 9 hours of audio files, more than 6 hours of video files, and about 40 pages of written material.

This is the same information that I used to go from being sicker than anyone I knew at 23 to being healthier than almost anyone I know at 51. In over 25 years, I haven’t been sick a single day, and have more energy, clarity, and vitality than I would have ever thought possible. And you can enjoy the same thing. The program will sell for $295 but if you order now, it will be yours for only $250. And it comes with a 12 month, unconditional money back guarantee. If you don’t find it to be worth far more than you paid for it, just let us know and you will be entitled to a full refund.

You might consider a phone consultation, or even a series of phone consultations. There is so much information out there that it is difficult to know which way to turn. And many of the self-proclaimed “experts” out there seem to be most interested in selling you their pills and potions. I know that only the body heals and that we never need to use supplements, super foods, or anything like that. All we need to do is to learn how to meet all of the body’s needs as well as possible, and we will experience an amazing level of health. Having achieved and maintained this elusive level of health for so long, and having helped thousands of others take their own health to new highs, I can help you, too. You can get one hour of my time for $100, and you can get a package of 6 consultations (one hour to start, then four 30 minute sessions, then a final hour to complete) for only $300.

Here’s what a few Tanglewood clients said when I told them about our current situation:

An alternative health care provider recommended I read Fasting Can Save Your Life by Herbert Shelton. The book was eye opening and suggested every individual should take ownership for his or her own health. Tanglewood Wellness Center has provided me a wholistic escape from my life when all else has failed.

I came to Tanglewood in 2003 for a 28-Day fast after leaving the Pentagon with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, anxiety and Candida. The Candida had gotten so bad it started to impact my memory. This was my last option because I was planning to return home to Michigan so my mother could care for me. A junk food vegetarian for 6 years I weighed in at 160 pounds. During that fast my energy returned, I felt great again, and I lost 32 pounds.

After the fast I failed at raw but became a vegan and more healthy. This new level of restored health and calm in my life allowed me to conceive in 2005.

In 2007 I returned to Tanglewood for a 21-Day fast suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, anxiety, depression, and major side effects from the drugs that had been prescribed for these conditions. I knew I had to take control of my health again, and one again, Tanglewood provided the optimal conditions and opportunity to allow me to do that.

I look forward to returning to Tanglewood in 2012, and am so sorry that Loren has lot his beautiful facility in Panama. I want to insure that Tanglewood exists as long as possible so that me and others can have this oasis of calm when they need to heal.

– Michelle in DC

“I don’t know if any other place has what Tanglewood has. Tanglewood has the best of knowledge and supporting presences… It’s not only the place where the good stuff happens, it’s the place where you learn what you need to know, and I’m grateful for it. Loren Lockman is a sharp guy, and I hope his work continues.” — Leland Wright

“When I consider the idea that because of its current financial stresses, my beloved Tanglewood Wellness Center could disappear, in my heart I am called do whatever I can to help it avoid such an outcome….for to me, Tanglewood’s continued existence is invaluable. Because of Tanglewood, I got my health back. I deeply believe this world needs it to continue existing… there is just no other place like it! Please then, join me as you are able, in making a onetime gift to this rare and very worthy institution, that it may successfully absorb the financial costs of losing it’s Panama location, and complete its return to full functionality in Costa Rica. Thank you.”

– David Seacord, Fine Art Painter (
Rev. David Seacord
Fine Art Painter / Sufi Cherag
(505) 603-0565 cell

Tanglewood is the 8th wonder of the world. It is the best cure available, open year-round, run hands-on by a compassionate man with many many years of experience. Loren really knows his stuff and wants to help you; he certainly helped us when no one else could. Two years ago my son’s physical and mental health was being eaten up by some undiagnosed malady and further worsened by the doctors we took him to. Thankfully Tanglewood was available when we needed it, or he might have died. Loren runs a relaxing, inspiring, safe place where my son started the deep healing he needed. After you’ve spent time there, you will never be the same – the experience stays with you and keeps working its benefits. If you can help out Tanglewood right now, that would be wonderful!

– Kathy Raine

I had struggled with feeling sick most of the time for many years (and especially after meals) eating a standard american diet. I also used many antibiotics, and antidepressants. My problems were excess weight, candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, hyperhidrosis and acne. After researching nutrition and detoxing through fasting and doing my own experimentation with nutrition like Atkins, and the bnlood type diet (mine is AB +) and organic CSA sustainable type diets, I did a week fast drinking mostly psillium fiber and felt amazing after that but returned to old eating habits and my addiction to coffee.

Thankfully I found Tanglewood and Loren Lockman. After water-only fasting and feeling amazing, that is 100% wonderful on raw food, I also had all the answers to my nutrition confusion thanks to his daily lectures. I was previously not eating any fruit because I had read that fruit exacerbates candida which I struggled with. I went to Tanglewood to fast only and did not realize how much I would learn. I didn’t know anything about the raw food lifestyle.

Thankfully, I was introduced to raw foods and the truth about the importance of our bodies hydration! With the raw diet I truly feel amazing and I do not have to rely on any substance or medication to prop myself up. I am so grateful for Loren’s knowledge and years of fasting experience and I am grateful that Tanglewood continues to help many be and remain well, and this is why I’m happy to support Tanglewood to insure it’s continuing survival.

– Emily Ann Gjertson Cass

Thanks for taking the time to read this long letter. Whatever you do, I wish you the best in creating whatever it is that you choose to manifest. You can enjoy an amazing level of health and vitality and you can create an amazing life, doing whatever you’re passionate about. There are no limitations except that ones that you choose to accept.

For your optimal health,

Loren Lockman
…the natural way to perfect health!