First Ever RawSchool Blog Post

Hello and welcome to the brand new RawSchool blog!  Here I will post information about current projects I’m working on, products I have available for sale, answer selected questions or comments from visitors about going raw, my own transition or Natural Hygiene in general, and rant about health, food freedom or liberty-related issues in the news (ala Mike Adams, et al).

Of late I’ve been devoting a lot of time to my new website that seeks to provide information to pet owners about how to keep their animals healthy for life.  A long time dog and cat owner myself, I have been astonished at the level of ignorance among vets regarding the biological needs of cats and dogs.  Where are pet lovers to turn for this vital information if those who claim to hold a monopoly on it can’t provide it?  More information is available, including my e-booklet with complete instructions on transitioning dogs to an optimally healthy diet, here:  I’ve also published articles in Canine Chronicle, Natural Horse Magazine and Dogs, Naturally, entitled “Are Dogs Natural Fruit Eaters?” and “Dogs: Carnivores or Omnivores?”

In addition, I am starting to take advance orders on this year’s crop of unpasteurized almonds.  These are certified organic, domestically grown (California) on a small farm, unpasteurized and as fresh from the tree as you can hope for.  The price will most likely be around $9/lb, but that’s subject to change a bit as we see what the yields are like.  Minimum order is 5 pounds and domestic shipping adds about $1/lb.  The only way to get on the list is to email me directly:  Currently I am offering a special on fresh (made to order) unpasteurized almond and almond/pecan butter.  Free shipping on two jars or more ($19 for a 16-ounce jar).  Guaranteed to be the creamiest, freshest, tastiest nut butter you’ve ever had. 

Ok, that’s it for the commercials. 🙂

I am also excited to announce that I’ll be traveling to the first annual Woodstock Fruit Festival in historic Woodstock, New York, next month (August).  I will be giving two talks while there, one on experiencing real hunger and the other dispelling the germ theory.  If you’d like to spend a few days communing with other primarily fruit-eating raw foodists, it’s not too late to book your spot at this important and ground-breaking event.  Here is the link to find out all about it:

You may note that the overall look of the website has changed.  A few months ago I solicited help for moving my stagnant, impossible-to-manage site onto a platform that would allow me to update it and maintain it myself.  My hopes were more than surpassed when I crossed paths with Marina, WPGE (WordPress Guru Extraordinaire), who not only converted the site but re-designed it as well.  I hope you enjoy the new design and I would welcome your feedback or suggestions for making it even better. 

Thank you for visiting!

In health,

Nora Lenz

7 thoughts on “First Ever RawSchool Blog Post

  1. Nora,
    The new and improved site looks great! I love the colors and “chalkboard” on the home page. All the links I clicked on worked perfectly. The whole thing is very user friendly and professional. I also enjoyed reading your first blog post and look forward to more. Kudos to you and to Marina! I hope your trip to Woodstock is fruitful. : )
    Warm regards,

  2. Lovely website. I have been recommending your site to everyone that I meet since I became raw and I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the other day and saw that it was changed. Keep up the great work.

  3. Great looking web site. All of your information and articles are first class. Easy to read, easy to understand. To me you have some of the best writings on the subject of Raw Foods and Natural Hygiene that I have ever read. Love your Blog too. Will there be a way to subscribe to the Blog so I will get an automatic e mail whenever you add an entry?
    Best Wishes,

  4. I’m so excited to have just found your site – I have no idea how the old one looked, but I have to say, I love it as it is! It’s really clear and easy to navigate – and visually appealing. I read a few of your articles and found them very interesting. I also love how much detail you put into the ‘About Nora’ section – usually people put a relatively brief summary of themselves…I so appreciated the in-depth look.
    I’m also really interested in the section on dogs and cats (especially cats). If you’ve got the optimal diet for cats, let me know…
    Actually, I looked at virtually everything on this site – and it all resonated so strongly with how I’m living! Thank you!
    Like Tim, I’d like to sign up to get notified of updated blog entries. Maybe that’s the next thing you can focus on. 🙂

    1. Hi Em,
      Cats are super easy to feed properly. They can be tough to transition, however, depending on how old they are and how long they’ve been eating commercial food. Just bear in mind that cats like SLOW changes. Since they are strict carnivores, you basically just feed them the whole bodies of small animals. Conventional cornish game hens (always sold frozen) are good, or you can feed low fat beef, quail, fish (I like smelt as it’s the whole body of the animal), lamb, rabbit, etc. The smaller animals are best so they can eat the bones too, but just flesh is fine too. I would invite you to have a look at the NoMoreVetBills site. It’s mostly about dogs but I would welcome comments and questions about cats as you start transitioning.

  5. Thanks for all the kind words about the site! And thank you for the suggestion, Tim. As you may notice, I did manage to get a “subscribe” feature added if you’d like to be notified of future blog entries.

  6. Dearest Nora,

    I look forward to reading your blog. It’s a fantastic idea. Getting close and personal with Nora is a delicious experience. Thank you for the various inspirations you have given me during my fruitlover’s journey.

    I would love to go to Woodstock Fruit Festival and give you a big, warm hug.


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