Great interview w/ TC Fry

May 11, 2013

As a follow up to my recent missives on bacteria, viruses and the implausibility of the germ theory, I wanted to post a link to this recently published video that was actually made many years ago, which features T.C. Fry decrying the hoax of “AIDS” and explaining the true causes of disease. Enjoy! Best wishes, [...]

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April 13, 2013

I read recently in Dr. Joseph Mercola’s newsletter of an experiment where someone introduced some “pathogens” (e-coli, salmonella, etc.) to a dish of raw milk, and then introduced the same types of so-called bad bacteria to an identical dish of pasteurized milk.  The samples were allowed to sit at room temperature for awhile and then [...]

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“The Kiss that Kills”

March 10, 2013

Hi All, I realize that it’s the most outrageous headlines that get attention for mainstream media outlets these days, and this one was probably written with that goal in mind. In a sane world, we might hope that through their audacity the media have pushed the masses into questioning their veracity. That probably is [...]

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More on the Breakfast Habit

January 29, 2013

I’ve received some feedback from my last blog entry that indicates further clarification is needed on the topic of breakfast eating.  It has been pointed out to me that people all over the world eat first thing in the morning!  Apparently this is thought by some to constitute evidence that breakfast eating is a natural [...]

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How and Why to End the Breakfast Habit

January 6, 2013

For anyone wanting to acquire the best health possible, recovery from addictive eating patterns is an absolute necessity.  There’s no greater indication that a person is still shackled by addiction than regular breakfast eating.  Accounting for how the breakfast habit originally came about in our culture is as simple as understanding that withdrawal is uncomfortable, and that [...]

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Fasting Package for Sale

August 7, 2012

Hi All, Many of you may be members of Loren Lockman’s Facebook Group “Getting Out of the Way w/ Loren” and have been enjoying his videos on YouTube. If not, I highly recommend both Loren and his group as a source of information and inspiration to aspiring raw fooders. A few months ago, Loren sent [...]

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Cubic Fruit and Other Relevant Oddities

June 17, 2012

Hi All, Someone emailed me after reading my “best raw foods” chart and asked me whether I had any documentation to back up the assertion that green peppers are unripe. I sent him a few links, and he sent me a link to a video, which answered his question in the best possible way: . [...]

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Recognizing the Power of Food Addiction

October 2, 2011

Recently during a coaching session I was asked to name the one thing that helped me the most toward my recovery from food addiction. Without doubt the one intellectual idea I’ve learned that helped me the most is that food addiction is an extremely powerful force. When people want to escape other addictions in our culture, they [...]

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