by Nora on September 14, 2014

Our summer here in the Seattle area has officially been one for the record books.  We’ve had weeks and weeks of rare morning sunshine and perfectly comfortable temperatures.  Harvest season is here and it promises to be a standout as well with most crops coming in a bit earlier than usual.  As I do many times this time of year, I visited the eastern part of the state over the weekend to see what I could find.

If you’re anywhere near Washington State, it’s really worth the trip to explore the fruit producing valleys of the less populated eastern counties.  Depending on the time of year, you can find wild or uncultivated apricots, plums, apples, grapes, peaches, pears and cherries.  This past weekend I found some fruit stands where the fruit is brought directly from the orchard with no meddling (refrigeration, wax coating, etc.) in between.  The fruit is allowed to stay on the tree longer than fruit that is produced exclusively for the commercial market, and it is also closer to its natural heirloom state.  I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject but I do know that things are being done to fruit that have nothing to do with making it more nutritious and tasty but have everything to do with making it hardier for transport and storage.  The more of these things that are done to fruit, the farther away we get from what humans were originally intended to eat.  Opportunities to get fruit that hasn’t been altered in these ways are becoming more rare, and health seekers need to take advantage of them.

Most of the fruit sold at these farm stands is not organic.  Although in an ideal world all fruit producers would be embracing organic growing practices, I think we need to be open to compromise when we live in a world as far from ideal as ours is.  The benefits of getting fruit right from the farm easily trump the organic vs. conventional issue.  Organic is an industry now, and industries are guided by what makes money, not necessarily what is best for consumers.  There are conventional growers who are still harvesting fruit from trees planted 40 or 50 years ago, producing fantastic fruit, and they can’t afford to go organic.  At one farm stand over the weekend, I paid $.59 per pound for luscious, tree-ripened dark purple plums.  I’d rather pay these kinds of prices for heirloom (or nearly so) conventionally grown plums than 5 or 6 times that for organic plums picked weeks before they’re ready, coated in wax and refrigerated so long that their sugars never develop.  It helps to know that, depending on the type of fruit in question, sprays are not always used even on conventional farms and when they are, it is usually done in the dormant season, long before the fruit is on the tree.

I wanted to mention a couple of these farm stands in particular.  They are both in Naches, Washington.  One is McIlrath Farms (, which was started in 1976.  That’s where I got the fabulous 59 cent plums.  The second one is Raimes Fruit, a bit farther down the street in Naches.  At the latter I had noticed a small barrel in the middle of the store with the words “cancer fund” on a sign above it.  “Oh great”, I thought, “more mindless support for the cancer industry”.  I mentioned to the owner that I’d be happy to contribute if I could be assured that my money wasn’t going to be used to buy cancer drugs, hoping to plant a seed.  He told me that the fund is actually a contest, the proceeds of which will go to the cancer sufferer who has the most heart wrenching survival tale to share.  He then went on to tell me about his brother who was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with brain cancer and was given 6 months to live.  Rather than take the standard treatment, his brother opted for the Gerson protocol, central to which are raw foods and juicing.  As a result, his brother is still going strong.  The owner told me he has heard lots of stories from people visiting his store, but has yet to receive one written testimonial.  I told him I’d give whatever publicity I could to his contest on my blog but only if he would promise to favor people who have ’cured’ themselves with dietary improvement when determining the winner.  He agreed.  So here’s the website if you’re interested in entering the contest:  The funds will be distributed around Christmas time.

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Ebola hoax

by Nora on August 4, 2014

Although this disease is being reported as the scariest, most deadly threat ever to face humankind, we need to keep our heads and consider the source.

Firstly, this is no different from all the other contagion scares we’ve been treated to in recent years.  Although they are talked about non-stop, 24/7 on major media outlets, they never end up directly affecting us everyday common folk in any way.  In fact I’ve come to think that pretty much anything the media makes a big deal about is really something that should be either ignored or viewed with suspicion, but definitely not feared.  The only thing to fear are the “fixes” that are planned by the fear-mongering, story-making, puppet masters behind the smiling anchor people.

Secondly, anyone who is familiar with the truth about disease causation will recognize the symptoms of this latest disease as constructive, body-directed mechanisms whose function is to protect the body from conditions being inflicted upon it.  When allowed to run their course, they do their job and then go away.  When they are not allowed to do their job, all the waste is retained that would have been eliminated via symptoms.  Considering this, it should come as no surprise when people fail to survive medical treatment, since this always involves shutting down the symptoms with drugs.  Nobody gets treated properly when they seek medical attention for so-called infectious illnesses.  Not only are they subjected to a continuation of the conditions which caused the problem in the first place, but these are exacerbated by the administration of drugs.  It’s truly a testament to the resilience of the human body that anybody manages to survive what is done to sick people.

It seems the locals in the disease “hot zone” realize this on some level, although admittedly they are probably driven by even more irrational ideas than the germ theory.  It turns out they are deeply suspicious not only of the disease but of their self appointed rescuers as well.  Here’s an article in “Foreign Policy” magazine that mostly jumps on the fear porn bandwagon but from which some glimpses of the truth can be gleaned.  In part, it reads, “Compounding these problems, even when people believe Ebola exists, many are wary of hospitals because they believe the institutions provide poor care — a concern that existed well before the current crisis. … Monrovia’s largest hospital, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Medical Center, or JFK, is nicknamed “Just For Killing” among locals because people go there with treatable diseases such as malaria and still die.”

The bottom line, once again, is that we are being played.  One commenter on a natural healing website said it best: “How can you sell the drug if you don’t first sell the disease?”

In this video, it is revealed who is benefitting from the manufactured Ebola threat and the motives that underlie this destructive hoax:  Ebola/Pentagon Connections

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Why did Steve Jobs die?

July 17, 2014

Dr. John McDougall has been a tireless nutrition educator for many decades and he influenced me a lot when I first discovered I’d been lied to about what we should be eating.  Nowadays I think he’s a bit stuck in his thinking with his emphasis on starch, but he offers middle ground to people who aren’t [...]

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Anti-Vaccine License Plate Frames

June 1, 2013 Mike Adams posted the article linked above on his website ( yesterday, about new ways vaccine pushers are attempting to control what is said about their products.  I’ve often wondered how long it would take before the simple act of vocally opposing conventional vaccine ideology would be enough to get truth-tellers in trouble.  It doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict that within a few years the [...]

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Great interview w/ TC Fry

May 11, 2013

As a follow up to my recent missives on bacteria, viruses and the implausibility of the germ theory, I wanted to post a link to this recently published video that was actually made many years ago, which features T.C. Fry decrying the hoax of “AIDS” and explaining the true causes of disease. Enjoy! Best wishes, [...]

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April 13, 2013

I read recently in Dr. Joseph Mercola’s newsletter of an experiment where someone introduced some “pathogens” (e-coli, salmonella, etc.) to a dish of raw milk, and then introduced the same types of so-called bad bacteria to an identical dish of pasteurized milk.  The samples were allowed to sit at room temperature for awhile and then [...]

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“The Kiss that Kills”

March 10, 2013

Hi All, I realize that it’s the most outrageous headlines that get attention for mainstream media outlets these days, and this one was probably written with that goal in mind. In a sane world, we might hope that through their audacity the media have pushed the masses into questioning their veracity. That probably is [...]

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More on the Breakfast Habit

January 29, 2013

I’ve received some feedback from my last blog entry that indicates further clarification is needed on the topic of breakfast eating.  It has been pointed out to me that people all over the world eat first thing in the morning!  Apparently this is thought by some to constitute evidence that breakfast eating is a natural [...]

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